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[Cosplay&Interview] – Monono Cosplay

Monono Cosplay
Monono Cosplay – Photo by

[CosplayInfinity] РHello Monono Cosplay! We are huge fans of your work. Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? 

[Sabrina] – Hi! I’m Sabrina, I come from Germany and I cosplay now about 3 years ūüôā I have birthday on Halloween and I’m 30 years old. I live in M√∂nchengladbach and at the moment I’m trying to get selfemployed with my hobby, Cosplay. I work in a part time Job which is also related to cosplay, and I really hope to live from my own stuff in the future.

[CosplayInfinity] – How did you start doing cosplay?

[Sabrina] – I started doing cosplay because I was so in love with all the costumes! I never thought that this was a hobby because most of the cosplays were so impressive! And after I found out that it was possible for me to do cosplay as well, then I started crafting xD

Monono Cosplay
#Cosplay #TheLastOfUs2 #Ellie by the gorgeous @CosplayMonono – Photo by Red Birdy

[CosplayInfinity] – Do you make your own cosplays (costumes) ?

[Sabrina] – Yes, I do everything by myself. I craft my armors and I’m on my way to get better sewing skills. I also did some own creations as well and I love to wear elven clothes ūüôā

#Cosplay #Elf by the gorgeous @CosplayMonono – Photo by Truthdesign

[CosplayInfinity] – What do you like most about cosplay? What do you like less?

[Sabrina] – I love to be creative. It is so awesome that you can to everything on your own in your cosplay and do it like you want to! I love the make up parts and the crafting parts in my cosplays and costumes. The sewing part is always hard for me.

[CosplayInfinity] – What is your favorite cosplay character ever?

[Sabrina] – My favorite Cosplay character? Puuuhhh that’s a really hard question. I think Aela the Huntress is my favorite from all my cosplays. But Ellie from the Last of Us is also really great ūüėČ

Aela the huntress by Monono cosplay
Photo by ZENO Character:Aela the Huntress Game: TES:V Skyrim Cosplay / styling: Monono cosplay

[CosplayInfinity] РDo you have other passions, hobbies or talents ? 

[Sabrina] – Oh yes. I like music and singing! My other passion next to cosplay is modelling. Also, I love to play games in my free time and hang out with my friends.

[CosplayInfinity] – A final word for our Cosplayinfinity readers or anything you would like to add?

[Sabrina] – I love cosplay and I really enjoy pages like yours were I can find so many great artists. Cosplay is such an awesome hobby! Do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy. Never give up ‚̧ And thank you for the possiblity to have this interview with you.

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Monono cosplay
#Cosplay #FinalFantasy7 #Aerith by the gorgeous @CosplayMonono – Photo / edit: Lycilia-Art

[Cosplayers] РAgustina РLifeisaFiction Cosplays

Featured Image -- 637

“Hello ! My name is Agustina and i live in Argentina , Buenos Aires. One of my special hobbies is Cosplay. I‚Äôve been cosplaying since I was 11. Now, i‚Äôm 21 and i really love my hobbie. I made some characters, for example: Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, Mai Shiranui from King¬†[‚Ķ]”




[Cosplay&More] – Gamescom 2017 Cosplays pictures

Gamescom cosplay village 2017

“Bigger, calmer, cozier ‚Äď after the rush last year the cosplay village 2017…”, we were warned and it was a real success.

There were a lot of cosplayers and we have to tell you, they were awesome ! Here are some of the most beautifuls cosplays we have met.

If you recognize yourself do not hesitate to make yourself known!

Cosplay Infinity


Gamescom (stylized as gamescom) is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is organised by the BIU (Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware, English: Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software).[2] It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.[3][4][5][6]

Gamescom is the world’s 2nd largest gaming event behind¬†Asia Game Show, (measured by exhibition space and number of visitors) with 345,000 visitors, more than 6,000 journalists and 700 exhibitors from 88 countries attending the show in its sixth year.


[Cosplay&More] – The most incredible Cindy cosplay ever from Final Fantasy XV

Cindy was designed by designers Roberto Ferrari and Yusaku Nakaaki, among others.[39][35]¬†A character crucial to the story and gameplay, Cindy was first introduced in the¬†Episode Duscae¬†demo. Tabata described her as “the kind of girl who is very good at dealing with men”.[96]¬†In response to negative comments about her appearance in player feedback for¬†Episode Duscae, Nakaaki stated she had not been deliberately sexualized, but that the team had perhaps put too much “heart and soul” into her design. They chose to make adjustments so players would be more comfortable with her.[39]¬†Originally, Cindy’s breasts jiggled so much that Tabata had to ask the team to tone it down.[97]



#Cosplay #FinalFantasyXV #Cindy by the gorgeous @supertaunt – Photo by Dapper Geek News

Cindy : Brinni, Noctis : Christian Guerrero, Ignis : Yacchin Cosplay Photo by

#Cosplay #FinalFantasyXV #Cindy by the gorgeous @Nana_Kuronoma – Photo by Chiyography
#Cosplay #Finalfantasyxv #Cindy by the gorgeous @KristenHughey – Photo by Cosplay by TLP Media
#Cindy by the gorgeous @KristenHughey – Photo by ngophotosplease

Photo by John Pryke

[Cosplay&More] ‚Äď The most incredible Ada Wong cosplay ever from Resident Evil

Ada Wong

Ada Wong¬†(Japanese:¬†„ā®„ā§„ÉÄ„ÉĽ„ā¶„ā©„É≥¬†Hepburn:¬†Eida Won)¬†is a¬†fictional character¬†in the¬†Resident Evil¬†(Biohazard¬†in Japan) horror franchise by¬†Capcom. She is a mysterious and ambiguous¬†antihero¬†figure, working for the series’ villains but also helping the protagonist¬†Leon S. Kennedy.

Introduced as a supporting character in the video game¬†Resident Evil 2¬†in 1998, Ada (/ňąe…™d…ô/) later appeared as a¬†player character¬†or in supporting roles in the video games¬†Resident Evil 4,¬†Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles,¬†Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles,¬†Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City¬†and¬†Resident Evil 6, as well as in the animated film¬†Resident Evil: Damnation. The¬†live-action film series‘ version of Ada appeared in¬†Resident Evil: Retribution. Ada was well received and became one of the most popular characters in the series.


Ksana @AkinaGasai
Ada Wong from Resident Evil by the gorgeous Ksana @AkinaGasai – Photo by Haji
Ada Wong in TOKYO GAME SHOW2015 by the gorgeous @kasaneww
#Cosplay #ResidentEvil #Ada wong by the gorgeous @shermie_cos
#Cosplay Ada Wong from Resident Evil by the gorgeous @GiuHellsing – Photo by Everton Nunes
#Cosplay #OnimushaSoul #Ada Wong by @shermie_cos – Photo: Chibi Lilie Photography
Ada Wong by the gorgeous @kasaneww
#Cosplay #Ada Wong by the gorgeous @Yukilefay ‚̧ from #ResidentEvil 4. Photo by Marcelo Colin


[Cosplay&More] – The most incredible Quiet cosplay ever from Metal Gear Solid !


Quiet[a]¬†is a¬†fictional character¬†from¬†Konami‘s¬†Metal Gear¬†series. Created by¬†Hideo Kojima¬†and designed by¬†Yoji Shinkawa, she appears in the 2015¬†action-adventure¬†stealth¬†video game,¬†Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain¬†as one of the¬†game bosses¬†opposing the protagonist¬†Venom Snake, but can also become an ally enabling to go on missions with her.

Tali Xoxo

Quiet, from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous @supertaunt (Tali Xoxo)

The character is a¬†mute¬†skilled assassin and¬†sniper¬†with supernatural abilities belonging to the covert strike force¬†XOF, a division of the American intelligence agency¬†Cipher. Depending on the player’s actions, she can be captured by Venom Snake and eventually used as a member of his¬†Diamond Dogs¬†mercenary group. Quiet was the source of criticism by some media for contributing to a seemingly¬†oversexualized portrayal of women in video games.


Meryl Sama

Quiet by @MerylSama
Quiet by @MerylSama – Photo by Francesco Sanseverino
Quiet from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous @MerylSama (Gaia Sanetti)
Gaia Sanetti as Quiet
Quiet from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous @merylsama – Photo by Ivan King
Quiet from Metal Gear Solid by Gaia Sanetti
@MerylSama – Photo by Francesco Sanseverino

Sophie Valentine

Quiet from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous @Sophie_Cosplay – Photo by NaniguGG

Sophie Letyago

Quiet, from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous Sophie Letyago


Quiet, from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous @tniwe

Jill Styler

Quiet from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous @JillStyler

Angela Bermudez

Quiet from Metal Gear Solid by the gorgeous Angela Bermudez РPhoto by Adrián Coto Fotografía

[Cosplay&More] – Metal Gear Solid, Sniper Wolf, by the gorgeous Giu Hellsing

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid[a] is an action-adventure stealth video game produced by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan and released for the PlayStation in 1998. The game was directed, produced, and co-written by series creator Hideo Kojima, and serves as a sequel to the MSX2 video games Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, which Kojima also wrote and directed.[5]

Metal Gear Solid follows Solid Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND, a renegade special forces unit.[6] Snake must liberate two hostages, the head of DARPA and the president of a major arms manufacturer, confront the terrorists, and stop them from launching a nuclear strike.[7] Cinematic cutscenes were rendered using the in-game engine and graphics, and voice acting was used throughout the entire game.[8]

Giu Hellsing as Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid – Photo by Everton Nunes

Metal Gear Solid was well received, shipping more than six million copies,[9] and scoring an average of 94/100 on the aggregate website Metacritic.[10] It is regarded as one of the greatest and most important games of all time,[11][12] and is often seen as the game which helped popularize the stealth genre. The commercial success of the title prompted the release of an expanded version for the PlayStation and PC, titled Metal Gear Solid: Integral;[13] and a remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes was later released for the GameCube.[14][15] The game has also spawned numerous sequels, prequels and spin-offs, including several games, a radio drama, comics, and novels.


Sniper Wolf

Giu Hellsing as Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid – Photo by Everton Nunes

Sniper Wolf¬†(Japanese:¬†„āĻ„Éä„ā§„ÉĎ„Éľ„ÉĽ„ā¶„Éę„Éē¬†Hepburn:¬†SunaipńĀ Urufu’)¬†is a¬†fictional character¬†from¬†Konami‘s¬†Metal Gear¬†series. Created by¬†Hideo Kojima¬†and designed by¬†Yoji Shinkawa, she appears in the 1998¬†stealth game¬†Metal Gear Solid¬†(as well as its 2004 remake,¬†Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes) as one of the¬†game bosses¬†opposing the protagonist¬†Solid Snake¬†and his ally¬†Meryl Silverburgh.

The character is a ruthless and skilled sniper belonging to the renegade U.S. military special operations group¬†FOXHOUND. “Sniper Wolf” is a¬†nom de guerrepseudonym and her real name is undisclosed. She is of¬†Iraqi Kurdish¬†origin and her backstory is connected to the series’ chief protagonist/antagonist character¬†Big Boss, who had rescued her in Iraq when she was a child. Sniper Wolf is widely regarded as one of the most popular and memorable characters in this game as well as in the entire¬†Metal Gear¬†series, as well as one of the top female antagonists in all video gaming.


Giu Hellsing as Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid – Photo by Everton Nunes
Giu Hellsing as Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid

[Cosplay&More] – Resident Evil, Jill Valentine by Narga

Resident Evil

Resident Evil, known as¬†Biohazard¬†(„Éź„ā§„ā™„ÉŹ„ā∂„Éľ„ÉȬ†BaiohazńĀdo)¬†in¬†Japan, is a¬†survival horror¬†video game-based¬†media franchise¬†created by¬†Shinji Mikami¬†and¬†Tokuro Fujiwara[1][2]¬†and owned by the video game company¬†Capcom. The franchise focuses around a series of¬†survival horror¬†video games, but has since branched out into comic books, novels,¬†novelizations, sound dramas,¬†live-action films,¬†animated sequels to the games, and a variety of associated merchandise, such as¬†action figures. The series’ overarching plot focuses on multiple characters, and their roles in recurring outbreaks of¬†zombies¬†and other monsters, initially due to the release of the¬†T-virus, but still more biological weapons over time, created mainly by the fictional¬†Umbrella Corporation¬†and various other organizations in later games.

The¬†eponymous first game in the series¬†was released in 1996 as a survival horror video game, but the franchise has since grown to encompass other video game genres. The series is a mix of¬†action¬†and¬†horror film-inspired plotlines, exploration, and¬†puzzle solving. It is Capcom’s biggest franchise in terms of software sales, with over 77 million units sold worldwide (as of March 31, 2017).[3]

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Narga as Jill – Photo by JustMoolti

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine¬†(Japanese:¬†„āł„Éę„ÉĽ„Éź„ɨ„É≥„āŅ„ā§„É≥¬†Hepburn:¬†Jiru Barentain)¬†is a¬†character¬†in the¬†Resident Evil¬†(Biohazard¬†in Japan)¬†horror¬†franchise by¬†Capcom. A special-operations agent, she made her debut appearance in 1996 as one of the protagonists of the original¬†Resident Evil¬†game, in which she and fellow¬†STARSmember¬†Chris Redfield¬†are trapped in a mysterious mansion. Jill is featured in several¬†Resident Evil¬†games including¬†Resident Evil 3: Nemesis,¬†Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles,¬†Resident Evil 5¬†and¬†Resident Evil: Revelations, where she is in conflict with the¬†Umbrella Corporation¬†and its splinter groups. She is also a founding member and key field operative of the paramilitary organization¬†BSAA.

Shinji Mikami, the director of the original¬†Resident Evil¬†game, said that he was opposed to the frequent¬†sexual objectification¬†of¬†women in video games¬†and instead preferred to make strong, independent female characters. Jill’s facial and physical appearance from the 2002¬†remake of¬†Resident Evil¬†onwards is based on model and actress¬†Julia Voth. The¬†film series’¬†version of Jill is portrayed by¬†Sienna Guillory¬†and based on the game character’s various incarnations. She was introduced as a co-protagonist in¬†Resident Evil: Apocalypse, made a brief appearance in¬†Resident Evil: Afterlife,¬†and returned as the main antagonist of¬†Resident Evil: Retribution.

Described as “a classic example” of a female horror-game character, Jill has received favorable critical reception and featured on many top character lists. She is widely regarded as one of the most attractive female¬†protagonists¬†in video games, though various appearances and portrayals of her have been considered to be over sexualized and to conform to gender stereotypes. Jill has sparked two video game¬†Internet memes¬†and has been used in various¬†Resident Evil¬†merchandise.

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Narga as Jill – Photo by JustMoolti


Narga as Jill – Photo by JustMoolti

Narga :